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Hello everyone! So I’m still alive xD I’ve just been busy and what with almost everyone not being on Tumblr, I got bored. But I’m still around, although not much, still busy and so far haven’t seen the others I used to RP with.

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Lily’s smile faded gradually as Severus grew suddenly quiet.

“Sev…are you ok?” she asked in a low voice. The look on his face was starting to worry her a bit. Noticing he looked like he was going to speak, she waited patiently for him to answer.

Severus turned more, now fully facing her. His eyes traced her face and the bruises that were still visible. He looked at them sadly, taking a breath to speak but stopped. He sighed and pulled his hand to her face, gently touching her cheek, “it was my fault…” he said in a quiet, guilty tone.

“Sev, don’t…” Lily gasped, placing her hand over his. “Don’t even say that! No part of this was your fault.”

Looking into his eyes, she curled her fingers up against his. They had come after her for hanging around Severus, but she knew they would be more than willing to attack her even if she wasn’t. After all, they despised her anyway for being a Muggle-born, and not only that, but one who excelled in almost all of her classes and wasn’t about to let a bunch of blood purists beat her down.

“If they come after me, it’s because of me, not you. Please don’t think this was your fault in any way.”

Severus closed his eyes and shook his head, looking down, “NO.” he said is a strong loud tone, then gulped his voice softening, “no…..Lily…it was.” he looked back up, “I-it was.” he paused his figures gently touching her cheek, “and I can come to understand that. …. If anyone here is innocent, it is you. You have done nothing wrong. I was the one who blindly affiliated myself with people wanting to join-…” he trailed off with a sigh. “I knew they hated muggles and muggle borns but I still risked it. And when I tried to pull out of it I risked hurting you..” he took her hand and held it tight. “this is my fault… and I know it is.” he paused seeming as if he were hiding his tears, “I’m so sorry Lily…”

Tears streaming down her face, Lily leaned up and kissed his forehead.

“No, Sev…it’s not.” she whispered, stroking his hair comfortingly.

“And you left. You didn’t join them, and that’s what matters. You’re a good person so please…don’t do this to yourself.”

She held onto his hand tightly, as if it would somehow take his guilt and pain away.

A few tears spilled over as he felt Lily’s kiss on his forehead. He looked up placing his other hand on hers and brought up to his lips and kissed it. “I won’t let them harm you ever again.” he paused, “I promise.”

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